As the world of information communication technology continues to evolve, email communication is becoming an integral part of our day to day lives. The growth in cloud computing has resulted in people shifting from desktop-based email management solutions to cloud-based solution.

Roadrunner is the popular mail management platform for people with private domains. Roadrunner email is the most efficient, secure and reliable method of sending emails communication and attachment to friends and colleagues. The platform is owned by a renowned telecommunication company known as Time Warner Cable. Roadrunner can be used via the web, mobile application, or at some time it’s compatible with the desktop application.

Below is a tutorial on how to set up roadrunner on mobile phone and login in using the web platform.

How to login to road runner mail on the web

To log in to a road runner email using the browser, one needs to follow the following procedure:

1. First you need to navigate to the domain name and you add webmail extension at the end of the domain. For example, if your domain is you should go to or or

2. The link will direct to a prompt to enter a username and password

3. Put your username and password and click the login button to login into your email

4. In case you have forgotten your email or password you can use the functionality to reset username that is provided on the system graphical user interface.

Android: Setup RoadRunner Email

If you are using an android device, you can setup roadrunner email by following this procedure:

1. First, go to your Android device and launch the email application.

2. Enter your email roadrunner email address and press next.

3. In the next stage, you can either choose to use IMAP or POP3 settings to proceed with the setup. However, it’s important to understand the difference between IMAP and POP3. IMAP stands for (Internet Messaged Access Protocol) and it has the capability of synchronizing with the mail server meaning that any changes that are made on the server are visible on the email client using IMAP. On the other hand, POP which stands for Post Office Protocol the mail account and the email server do not sync. POP download messages on the mail client and changes on the server cannot appear on the email client. In short, the choice depends on the memory and the internet speed, if you have enough space and no speed use POP; otherwise IMAP is the best option.

4. After the selection, input your email password and press next.

5. The email will bring up a new window requesting some details for incoming server settings

✓ Username: Enter your full email address with
✓ Password: Enter your roadrunner email password
✓ depending on the option you choose in step 3
✓ Port: 110
✓ Security Type:none

6. Enter the below information for the outgoing server settings

✓ Server:
✓ Port: 587 or 25
✓ Security type:None
✓ Require sign in Check
✓ Username: your email username plus
✓ Password: input your domain password

7. After inputting the above information, please select the next button.

8. Input your name, the name will be displayed to all those people who receive your email. It should be official and presentable if you want to use the email for official purposes.

9. Press next to complete setup. After these step, you will get a notification telling you that you have successfully completed setting up Roadrunner email on your android device.

Known Issues with Road Runner

1) After doing a POP setup, once you delete a message on your mobile device inbox, you have to log in to the web portal to delete the email again for it to disappear since there is no synchronization.

2) Another problem is that you cannot send an email from any Wi-Fi networks you need to use the network you used to activate the mail. It’s therefore advisable to use mobile data when sending emails to this platform.

3) Spam issues especially if the network you are using to login to roadrunner is not secure.

4) Passwords reset can only be done using the web platform which is not accessible using mobile devices browsers.

All these problems can be solved using various works around as indicated in the above text. Despite the challenges, road runner stills remain the most efficient email platform for private emails.